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Bespoke pragmatic solutions enabling you to navigate the financial and regulatory complexities with ease to achieve your business goals.
Direct Tax
Optimal Tax Solutions to help you navigate the ever-evolving regulatory tax landscape with ease, powered by pragmatic advice to efficiently minimise your tax liability. Our services include:
  • Direct Tax Compliance and Litigation support
  • Direct Tax Advisory
International Tax
Compliance and tailored advisory solutions to help multinational companies and globally mobile individuals navigate the rapidly changing world of tax. Our services include:
  • NRI Services
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Expatriate Services
  • FEMA & FDI Compliance
GST Advisory
Goods and Service Tax (GST) solutions to enable you to traverse the regulatory complexities with ease and efficiency. Our services include:
  • GST Registration and Compliance
  • GST Representations
  • GST Advisory
Business Setup & Compliance
Enabling start-ups, domestic and foreign companies set up and expand business in India through our complete range of accounting and tax, advisory and compliance services. Our services include:
  • Business Set Up Services
  • Ongoing Compliance Services
Audit and Assurance
Bespoke auditing and assurance services to deliver an independent and objective financial audit driven by impeccable experience and foresight Our services include:
  • Financial Statement Audit and Attestation
  • Audit and Assurance Advisory
  • Internal Audit
Succession Planning
Solutions focused to help you establish clarity in the dispersal of wealth and key accountabilities in an intricate structure of a large family and family-owned business. Our strategies help plan inter generational transfer of assets, in the most tax efficient and practical manner. Our services include:
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • Personal Wealth Management Planning
Business Advisory
Tailored and pragmatic solutions for your business to help maximize your companies’ strengths by reducing costs, eliminating inefficiency, optimise taxation and increase profits. Our services include:
  • Demergers and Amalgamation Advisory
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Business Tax Advisory
Business Risk
Solutions to help navigate and manage risk enabling you, strengthen your compliance and risk management framework helping you mitigate risks, improve quality and effectiveness and introduce optimisations. Our services include:
  • Governance and regulatory risk management
  • Financial and operational risk management

Smart Business SolutionsBusiness Risk

Helping you mitigate business risks and enhance business performance proactively enabling you improve transparency, accountability and inherent business value.

Todays dynamic business environment requires companies to reconsider risk and compliance to drive strategy and performance. Businesses need to be prepared to keep up with the continuous changes in the regulatory and compliance framework and be rest assured they are covered for any risks.

At SJA, our seasoned experts provide you client centric pragmatic solutions to proactively managing business risks enabling you to prioritise and take informed decisions to drive business performance.
Straight Talk, Good Business

Client centric,
Pragmatic solutions

Whether your business is looking to improve productivity and reduce costs, leverage new ways of doing business or mitigate risks within current operations, our experts can help you challenge your processes to ensure your you are at your optimal performance while averting any current or future business risks.

We work with our clients to understand their needs,  their existing operations, which helps us identify gaps and diagnose risks while identifying opportunities for control improvement and optimisation through systematic, consistent approach, customized to their unique company and industry.

Our experts provide pragmatic solutions to enhance transparency, efficiency, compliance  and financial integrity while helping you transform the ways in which you manage people, data, business processes, and controls to mitigate governance, financial and operational risks enabling you to drive your business performance effectively.

Helping you balance business risk and capitalise on opportunity enabling you to thrive.

Our business risk services cover a range of solutions that assist you in identifying, addressing and monitoring risks in your business. These include:
Governance and Regulatory Risk Management

Assessments to enable organisations to identify the process efficiency, improved risk management and internal controls with respect to governance and regulatory compliances. Our services include

  • Corporate governance assessment.
  • Human resource compliance assessment.
  • Regulatory and statutory compliance assessment.
  • Forward planning to mitigate risks associated with changes in accounting and regulatory requirements and business restructuring.
Financial and Operational Risk Management

We assist organisation manage their risks and improve operations with continuous improvement of their operations by providing controls optimisation and business process enhancement and improvement services.  Our services include.

  • Operational performance assessments and review
  • Policy and Process controls assessment and review
  • Business process integration
  • Project management office reviews
  • System implementation support reviews
  • Special accounting projects
  • Cashflow and Cost optimisations analysis
  • Working capital optimisation analysis

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