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Bespoke auditing and assurance services to deliver an independent and objective financial audit driven by impeccable quality and foresight.

An audit goes beyond just numbers.  It is assurance of trust and transparency and the foundation of a sound decision-making to achieve business objectives with precision and agility.
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Navigating todays ever-evolving, business and regulatory environment, requires organizations to be agile, to be able to provide accurate and fair presentation of financial statements and disclosures to all stakeholders.

Financial Statements encompass every business activity through the company’s lifecycle,  hence needs to be carefully examined and analysed. At Satyendra Jain & Associates audits are not just about making sure the numbers add up, our partner led team of qualified experts work with you to understand your business and its risks and customize the audit approach specifically to your business needs.

Our audit and assurance experts have a track record of delivering tangible business benefits while ensuring compliance with current regulatory requirements.  Our partner led approach ensures you receive a high quality, efficient, cost-effective audit to meet your timelines.

At SJA we enable you steer the complex reporting environment effortlessly with agility, helping you map your business trajectory inline with regulatory changes as they happen. We provide value added business insights that help you streamline your systems and procedures, strengthen your controls and provide better management information and help your business grow.

Enhancing quality and value is the heart of our approach

We have substantial experience of working with to private, public and international companies across various sectors, our teams are committed to delivering best in class audit and assurance services to you every time.  Our services encompass:
Financial Statement Audit and Attestation

Statutory audit
Tax Audits
Review of financial statements and attestation
Certification services for regulatory requirements
Voluntary statutory audits
Non-statutory audits, including compilation reports such as management audit

Audit and Assurance Advisory

We provide a range of accounting services, including:

Accounting system and control reviews
Preparation of annual accounts
Preparation of management accounts
Installation of computerised accounting systems
Cashflow and profit projections
Advice on the application of accounting policies, accounting and auditing standards
Preparation and Implementation of Policies and Standard Operating Procedures Due Diligence Audit

Internal Audit Services

With everchanging regulatory environment and increasing importance on corporate governance the companies need to have an independent and objective judgement over the robustness of internal controls and risk mitigation.
The scope of internal audit is dependent upon the size and entity structure and the requirements of the management, the key areas would cover, review of accounting systems and controls and the economy, efficiency and efficacy of operations.
Our specialists adopt a risk based, collaborative approach to help you design and implement internal controls to safeguard assets and cover all aspects of an internal audit function, to deliver an efficient, independent and time bound audit ensuring effective risk management and governance.

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Which ever business you are in, we can offer you integrated accounting, tax and advisory solutions to help you explore your business potential. Talk to our team and find out how we can help you find bespoke pragmatic solutions to achieve your business goals.