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Helping you restructure your business and provide tax advisory to help maximize your companies’ strengths by reducing costs, eliminating inefficiency, optimising taxation and increasing profits.

To navigate today’s  the uncertain and dynamic market conditions, companies often need to reorganize. Companies may pursue corporate restructuring strategies in response to falling profits, general market or economic forces and trends, changes in ownership, changes in corporate strategy, or to increase cash flow. Our experts are here,  to listen to your challenges, help you evaluate your business and assets and provide bespoke pragmatic solutions to  achieve your business objectives and help your business growl
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Pragmatic solutions

The current business and regulatory environment requires,  businesses to be dynamic and agile to seizing opportunities to build their businesses. Our team at SJA has deep knowledge and insight to help you construct the strategies you need to respond swiftly to continue growing and maximise shareholder value.

The foundation of our approach is to question, listen, and understand your challenges. Then  act as a sounding board, analysing and challenging assumptions and facilitating discussions in your team to arrive at a refined understanding of your strategic ambitions.

We provide client focused pragmatic solutions that meet unique commercial needs in the most tax-efficient way possible to meet your business goals. To cope with ever-changing market conditions, our experts help you strategize on  the need of restructuring your business, assessing benefits of a reorganisation with respect to costs, tax optimisations and increasing cashflows and profitability to help your business grow.

We help you create value through corporate restructuring, align business priorities and maximise shareholder value.

Whether you’re a dynamic start-up or a multinational company operating in India,  we are here to listen to your challenges and your needs closely and provide you with pragmatic solutions tailored to your needs. Our solutions encompass:
Demerger & Amalgamation
  • Assess business and perform feasibility study to ascertain the implication of the structure options.
  • Developing the transaction strategy
  • Advise, review, Feasibility and strategy and completion and execution of whole procedure.
  • Project managing the complete transaction process and execution and act as a single point of contact for our clients for the process.
Personal Wealth Management
  • Financial Structuring of business for revival of entity
  • Restructuring for survival :
    • Conduct strategic reviews of underperforming businesses and advise on available strategic options.
    • Help improve business liquidity management through process improvements and optimisation of cost,
    • working capital and cashflow enabling business turnarounds.
    • Support companies with wind down operations
    • Advise companies on debt capital structure by providing advice on restructuring, collateral, and loan refinancing alternatives.
    • Cost, cashflow and working capital optimisations
Consultancy in Taxation & Corporate Matters
  • Tax optimisation strategies
  • Submitting written reports stating opinions on various controversial and contemporary tax issues
  • We can help you manage your tax exposure through focused tax planning in areas such as corporate tax, transfer pricing, indirect taxes and taxes on expatriates.  [each of these words should be hyperlinks to the respective sections]
Client Centric Pragmatic Solutions
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Start Ups & IT Launches
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Which ever business you are in, we can offer you integrated accounting, tax and advisory solutions to help you explore your business potential. Talk to our team and find out how we can help you find bespoke pragmatic solutions to achieve your business goals.