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Everything we do has always been guided by a set of principles that define our character and culture, forming the core of Satyendra Jain & Associates. These universal principles are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct and are the fundamental strength of our business.


We have always worked on the maxim that ‘the quality of our business must be our best business card’ and to this end we are proud to invite prospective clients to look at our business first before deciding whether we can add any value to their  business.

The clients of the Firm were its true Founders. These clients wanted an integrated forward looking financial advice solution that dealt with the full range of personal and business needs of the India, USA and UK business owner.

Together with market leading accounting and taxation services Satyendra Jain & Associates integrates specialist taxation advisory, corporate audit, superannuation and business advisory services.

Satyendra Jain & Associates offers a client experience and solution that finally delivers what so many previously have promised: an integrated business and personal financial services solution.

Our Philosophy

The Satyendra Jain & Associates philosophy is simple – “expert advice that is tailored to the client’s unique personal and business circumstances”. Structured systems and year round contact ensure timely, sophisticated and forward-looking advice.

Most people know they need an accountant for taxation purposes. But an accountant can do much more for your business. A good accountant is aware of the economic, legal and financial environment affecting you and your business, and uses their knowledge and experience to anticipate changes and plan for survival and growth.

Because individuals and business owners become immersed in their day-to-day operations it is important to have an independent view of their personal and business situation. In order to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction from your professional advisors at SJA we encourage our clients to note the following:

  • Understanding our client’s aspirations and detailed requirements is the key to our ability to deliver outstanding results;
  • SJA don’t want to be average advisors to our clients – we want to be great;
  • The success of our clients ensures the satisfaction and meaningfulness of the work that SJA undertake;

In order to achieve the above, Satyendra Jain & Associates have detailed and highly structured service processes that give the best chance of a consistently outstanding level of service to clients. From time to time these processes may seem exhaustive, if you have any questions please ask, it is incumbent on your SJA to show you the value of the effort being undertaken.

SJA understand that everything delivered on behalf of a client must create value and that this value must be communicated.

Satyendra Jain & Associates choose their clients carefully after considering their position with respect to being able to add value to that client.

Satyendra Jain & Associates create value and charge a fee that represents excellent value for money.